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October 31, 2007:
New products added including Hummer covers and motorcycle covers.


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Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, our products offer! Get a cover for year round protection against snow, rain, wind, and dirt!


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Best Car Covers!

Vehicle coverings are a must for people who want to store their car, or people who want to use them every day. It's a dirty
little secret, but covered cars are less likely to become stolen cars and burglarized cars. Why? Because thieves need to either
get past the car cover lock on the bottom grommet, or take the whole cover off if they want to drive your car away. Even though it isn't
hard to remove and stow a car cover, you certainly attract attention doing it, and once that's done you would look suspicious
smashing one of the windows or jimmying the door with a screwdriver. Most shop owners will tell you that car covers are better
than burglar alarms, because nobody pays attention to alarms anymore.