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October 31, 2007:
New products added including Hummer covers and motorcycle covers.


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Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, our products offer! Get a cover for year round protection against snow, rain, wind, and dirt!


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Best Jeep and SUV Covers!

SUV and Jeep Covers? We've got em! Whether it's a CJ, Laredo, or not a Jeep at all, you can cover it! Jeep was the original SUV
but there are lots of good ones on the road. you might have a Range Rover, Toyota Landcruiser (remember the old ones? Your uncle's
got 3 vertabrae out of place just from riding on the bench in the back!) or a fancy Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes, or Porsche SUV.
You might even never take it off the road. We don't care, because you've still got to protect it against the weather, and
the only way to do that is with an SUV cover. We know people with parking garage privleges who still cover their SUVs because the
air in this city is like battery acid.