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October 31, 2007:
New products added including Hummer covers and motorcycle covers.


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Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, our products offer! Get a cover for year round protection against snow, rain, wind, and dirt!


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Best Van and Minivan Covers!

Vans and Minivans need covers that won't wear out, and won't damage the paint. If you've got one of those old airbrushed
vans from when you followed your band around the country, then you don't want to let your hand styled imaging fade away. If
you're a soccer mom with the family bus, you sure would like to keep it clean, and short of washing it you need a cover. You can
even have the kids put it on and take it off, so you can get into a minivan that is (a) cool on the inside or (b) not covered
in frost and snow on winter mornings. Until your boys can reach all the windshields they can scrape, a cover prevents
tge trouble, and even better, it saves time.
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